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 Tips To Win

JeetLe is a Reverse Auction Platform where the Lowest & Unique Bid Win

Here you get Discount upto 99%* on Branded Products

Eg. If you win the product auction at Rs. 2.03 then you have to pay only Rs. 2.03 extra and get the product of any worth. You need not to pay the MRP of the Product.

Like Mr Gaurav Sharma who has won Apple MacBooK Air worth Rs.61,000 in just Rs 60.21 therefore now Mr. Gaurav Sharma had paid Rs. 60.21 Plus VAT (5% to 15%) on the winning bid Only and get the product.

How to get started 

•Make account and register yourself

•Deposit money through (Buy Bid Option ), money can only be transferred online

•Now select the product from the home page for which you want to bid and click on BID NOW ,now each time you bid a bid fee would be deducted from your account depending upon the product you are bidding for this is irrespective of the bidding amount your are placing .

Eg: If you are bidding for a product whos bids fee is Rs 5 and you bid twice  then Rs 10 would be deducted from your account irrespective of the bidding amount you have put

•When you confirm your bids then you get the status for the same .

Tips to Win** on JeetLe

Lower End Bidding: Players come and start bidding for the lowest amount forgetting that other Players with the same mind set would be bidding for the same amount. So it would be beneficial that if you give a thought before bidding. Put bids on lower end then higher end to see where you exactly stand and where the Lowest and Unique Bid would be.

Higher End Bidding: Some Players start bidding from the higher end randomly slowly coming to the lower side this would only work when you are confident that you’re Unique and Lowest bid would stay till the end of the game.

Survey: It is better to analyze the bids you have placed for previous products, so that you have an idea that what kind of trend is followed by you or if you are a first time player then refer to winner page and check for the same product’s closing bid.

Constant Watch: Once you have started to play then keep a close watch on the bids placed by you. By checking their bid status regularly you may locate where would be the lowest and unique bid.

Dead End Bidder: This is a risky strategy, when you think that you are only player and can out bid any number of bids though sometime it time it helps you to win too .

**These points do not guarantee for winning the auction but may help you to win the auction

Features on JeetLe

• Wide Variety of Products

• Branded and company sealed products

• Winner’s declaration is fast though done after cross check for any fraud or illegal process.

• User Friendly operation on the site

• Quick Customer Care support both Email and Voice


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Winners Testimonials
  • I have played many auction games online. But I find Jeetle interesting....
     -Mr.Harmandeep Singh

  • This is amazing web site who will give every one equal chance of winning. I am happy.....
    -Mr.Deepak Patel

  • At present, there is no other site in India, which can compete or match with JEETLE....
    -Mr.Krishna Murthy Gandla

Products Delivered

  • Nokia Lumia 525 to Mr. Venkata Reddy won on 13th April 2014.
  • Phillips Food Processor to Mr. Hitesh Goel won on 11th April 2014.
  • HP Pen Drive to Mr. Vilas Avhad won on 11th April 2014.
  • American Tourister Backpack to Mr. Varinder Kumar won on 10th April 2014.
  • American Tourister Backpack to Mr. Vilas Avhad won on 9th April 2014.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Neo to Mr. Bhawani P Choukikar won on 7th April 2014.
  • Sony Mini Hi Fi Component System to Mr. Partha  Pratim Sarkar won on 6th April 2014.
  • Nokia BH 112 Bluetooh Headset to Mr. Nikhil Deep Soni won on 7th March 2014.
  • Sony DVD HTS DAV to Mr. Ravinder Singh Chauhan won on 30th March 2014.

Products In Transit

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Mr. Ravi Kiran V won on 11th April 2014.
  • Nokia 106 to Mr. Harmandeep Singh won on 7th April 2014.
  • Phillips Toaster To Mr. Ravi Morey won on 2nd April 2014.
  • American Tourister Backpack to  Mr. Priyank Gamit  won on 31th March 2014.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 to Mr. Mukesh Sahu won on 6th February 2014.

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Online Support