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How to Play

 How To Play

JeetLe is an exciting and engaging reverse auction game where the items available on auction will be sold to the Bidder who submits the Lowest Unique Bid.

To win on JeetLe you have to Bid Low and Bid Unique


How to Play 
1: Registration – On JeetLe, Registration is Free of Cost, You don’t have to pay anything to register with us. (Pls. check the schemes if any on the registration)
2: Buy Bids – JeetLe is Prepaid game & you are required to have Real Money balance / Bid points in your JeetLe account to play.
                A: Click on “Buy Bids” Button on Home page top Horizontal Menu.
                B: Enter the Amount you wish to Play.
                C: You are redirected to Payment gateway page. Provide the input as required & your payment will be done   successfully.
                D: Pls. check the Amount updated in the Account Section under the "Bal. Amount".
3. Select the product you wish to Place the bids.
4. Press the “Bid Now” Button to place the bids. (You can check Detail of the product by clicking “View Details” button)
5. Place Bids: there are 2 ways to pace the bids:
I: Bid Range –
Through this mechanism you can place bids upto the range of 100 Automatically (no manual Insertion of bids).  Ex. You can place bids from Rs.10 to Rs.10.99 in one go.
II: Selective Tabs –
Through this you can place bid upto 500 or any number in one go but here you have to manually put all the bids. (BID MORE button will get de-activate on 500th Tab as you have to place all the bids to activate it to open it for more)
6. Now can place bids by 2 ways:
I: Amount -
  You can place bids by real money from JeetLe Account. Ex. If u have Rs.500 in your JeetLe account and place 10 bids of Rs.5/bid than Rs.50 will get deduct from the Amount and Bal. amount Rs. 450 will remain your JeetLe wallet. (Pls. do not"TICK MARK" the button at the top to pay through Bid points in case you have Bid Points)
II: Bid Points -
  You can place bids by Bid Points. Ex. If u have 5000 Bid points in your account and place 10 bids of 500/bid than 5000 will get deduct from the Bid Points Account and Bal. Bid Points will remain your JeetLe wallet.(Pls. click on “TICK MARK” the button at the top to pay through Bid points in case you have Bid Points)
7. Bid Result –
  The moment you press the final button to place the bids, Result will be shown at the same time on the screen. If you want to see any changes in future or current then click on Active bids link on Account section.
Where to view summary of your bidding, account and transaction information
Summary of your bidding, account and transaction information

Once you click confirm the screen will refresh and update your account details and you will be shown whether your bid was Unique but not Lowest, Not Unique or the Lowest Unique Bid.

If you have enough amount remaining you can bid again...and again...and again!

A summary of all your bidding, account and transaction information is shown to the right of screen in the "My Account" box.

Current Lowest & Unique Bidder on Home Page
Player has to Refresh the home page every time to get the current Lowest & Unique bidder name on respective Auction/Auctions.


Tips to Win** on JeetLe

Lower End Bidding: Players come and start bidding for the lowest amount forgetting that other Players with the same mind set would be bidding for the same amount. So it would be beneficial that if you give a thought before bidding. Put bids on lower end then higher end to see where you exactly stand and where the Lowest and Unique Bid would be.
Higher End Bidding: Some Players start bidding from the higher end randomly slowly coming to the lower side this would only work when you are confident that you’re Unique and Lowest bid would stay till the end of the game.
Survey: It is better to analyze the bids you have placed for previous products, so that you have an idea that what kind of trend is followed by you or if you are a first time player then refer to winner page and check for the same product’s closing bid.
Constant Watch: Once you have started to play then keep a close watch on the bids placed by you. By checking their bid status regularly you may locate where would be the lowest and unique bid.
Dead End Bidder: This is a risky strategy, when you think that you are only player and can out bid any number of bids though sometime it time it helps you to win too .

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**These points do not guarantee for winning the auction but may help you to win the auction

How To Play
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Winners Testimonials
  • I have played many auction games online. But I find Jeetle interesting....
     -Mr.Harmandeep Singh

  • This is amazing web site who will give every one equal chance of winning. I am happy.....
    -Mr.Deepak Patel

  • At present, there is no other site in India, which can compete or match with JEETLE....
    -Mr.Krishna Murthy Gandla

Products Delivered

  • Blackberry 9720 to Mr. Vinod L Gamit won on 16th April 2014.
  • American Tourister Backpack to Mr. Jitesh Bhadikar won on 15th April 2014.
  • Canon Powershot to Mr. won on SX510 to Mr. Shantanu Aphale won on 27th February 2014.
  • Nokia 105 to Mr. Kartar Singh won on 20th January 2014.

Products In Transit

  • American Tourister Backpack to Mr. Jetu Pandey won on 19th April 2014.
  • Phillips Juicer Mixer to Mr. Anil Kumar won on 18th April 2014.
  • Nokia BH118 Bluetooh to Mr. Vinod L Gamit won on 18th April 2014.
  • Phillips Chopper to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar won on 13th April 2014.
  • Sony B Series Walkman to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar won on 10th April 2014.
  • Nokia X Dual Sim to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar won on 8th April 2014.
  • Phillips Steam Iron to Mr. Deepak won on 5th April 2014.
  • VIP SkyBag to Mr. Krishnapavan Kancharla won on 15th February 2014.
  • Nokia 105 to Mr. Krishnapavan Kancharla won on 14th February 2014.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 to Mr. Mukesh Sahu won on 6th February 2014.

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