JeetLe is not Gambling

 JeetLe is not Gambling
JeetLe is not a Gambling Website

100% Skill Game
Players place strategic bids to control the auction
User get 100% Cash Back points on D2H Shop even if they don't win the auctions
Brainstorming Required
The player who plays on auction & qualifies is declared the winner
Gambling/ Penny Auction
100% Chance Game
No control over the game
No Refund in any form
No Brainstorming Required
Software declares random Winners

JeetLe Reverse Auction is based on Skillful Bidding with handful of strategy, logic and understanding. It is not considered as Gambling Website. Please visit our Winner's testimonial page where our winners also said the same about JeetLe at As per the Gambling Laws in India only element of chance is considered as gambling.

The thumb rule of winning on JeetLe Auction platform is Lowest & Unique Bid. Place intelligent bids & keep a close watch on the bid status, make smart moves until auction closes.

We are determined to safeguard the user’s interest and money & thus whenever a user deposit’s money on JeetLe, they get instant Full Money Back as Shopping Credits to buy products at unbelievable prices at in therefore, no money is ever really wasted.

We at JeetLe make sure that all the bids are placed by Real Members physically present on the system & not through automatic system. Our employees or family members of our employees or business partners are not allowed to place bids in our auctions.

JeetLe members have to develop strategies at the time of playing at auction or over the period of time which help them to place the winning Lowest & Unique Bid. Thus as a result many users who are old players on Jeetle or new players keep on winning multiple products once they understand how to win the product at much cheaper cost.